November 16, 2012

A little getaway?

Never actually realized that packing is something that I love doing...
except when I need to pack for myself. 
Darnnn, it feels like I wanna drag my room with me so I won't forget anything important or something that I might suddenly need for no reason!
I somehow find it calming to pack and organize all the stuff that I need..
The only problem is I will always find reasons to bring more unnecessary stuff with me.

What was I thinking anyways? 
I would usually have 2 or 3 or 4 bags with me every time I go for sleepover AND it's only for a day! 

This time it's gonna be 10 days AMAGAH
What in the world should I bring??

I permed my lashes earlier, not at my usual fav place; cuz it's a bit too expensive for me to spend on right now- so I tried a cheaper place which costs me RM25 compared to the one I would usually go to, RM40.
It looks nice...but I still prefer the old place. 
It doesn't curl as much, but I haven't tried applying mascara on yet so I am still hoping that it would look so much better with mascara on. not going to any extravagant place for our little family getaway, 
but I am still quite excited about going. 
Will try to update the bits & pieces through my phone..
Perfect timing to try blogging through mobile?:)
Won't be updating long posts & such tho, 
I'll definitely save nicer photos for better updates, mmmkays?:D

Also cuz I won't be dragging my laptop along with me; but my muffin will definitely tag along!

Blog again soon!;)

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