May 7, 2015

A little update on the little one!

Salam and Hi!
Honestly, I don't know how to update here anymore. 
I don't know how and what to update about; which I find a bit weird. 
I guess it'll have to be random visits like this from now on. 

Not sure whether it's hard for me to update because I seldom get the chance to properly sit and construct my thoughts out... 
or am I just losing the mojo to blog here?
I am always on Dayre updating random daily crappy stuff though. 

a little update on the little one..
She is now 9 months old!
My goodness, how time flies..
She can now stand on her own..I think she is slowly learning how to walk. 
She recognizes people clearly now - she looks for me when she feels like it's a bit too long since the last time she saw me lol. 
That would usually be less than hour!
Makes me happy inside ehem. 

She now has 6 teeth, 4 on top and two at the bottom!
I have a feeling that she's currently waiting for another one cuz she's been quite cranky and refuses to finish up her meal for the past few days..

Other than that..
My life is pretty boring.
It's either that..or it is pretty occupied. 
I don't really have the leisure time anymore; even if I do I would rather spend it in the toilet or shower, or even catch a nap or two! :P

No more fancy OOTDs,,
Which I SERIOUSLY miss doing so so much. 
I miss putting on make up as well..
I guess it'll have to wait till she's a bit older!

Okay, TA for now!
Blog again soon!

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