February 24, 2015

Nur Amani Arissa.

Salam and Hello all!

I have been having a hard time to blog lately..
mainly cuz I am so confused on what to share.

Then it hits me that I worry too much and that I don't treat my blog as MY blog anymore, get it? 
I am not sure since when..but I somehow along the way I decided that I should have a specific blog that shares specific things. 

Which is sad, of course!
I started blogging for myself, to store the highlights of my life; the ups and downs. 
For me to look at again in future.

Need to always remind this to myself now. 
I appreciate my readers too, and I feel like you would also want to be a part of my ordinary life too, yes?
Especially the ones who has been following me from Day 1.
From my old blogs to this recent one. 
Thank you, you!

since nothing much has happen to me lately..
(cuz my daily life would usually revolves around dirty diapers and nursing lol)
I wanted to keep track of Little Amani's growth and progress here too! 

I was browsing through her old photos and I would love to share some of them with you too.
It's funny to look at her photos cuz her look changes every month! 

These photos were all taken at the 27th of every month..
Feeling a bit sad that I didn't do special shoots for her every month! 
Now almost 7 months, too lazy to start.
Sorry, these set of photos are taken from my old phone and starting January took it using my new phone.
Also showing you special never before seen un-glam photos of her la mostly.

She is actually quite fair in real life..
Not sure why she looks darker in photos.

Really should have taken nicer photos of her on every 27th of every month. 
Maybe second child hahahahaha. 

Okay now, I shall blog again soon!
Need to catch up with my sleep, it's late! 

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