December 10, 2013

Quick update- I was in Kuching!

Salam & Hillu!

I was really excited to blog a moment ago..
..that was before I browsed through the photos I took.

All the photos from my Kuching trip was taken using a different camera & I couldn't care less about turning off the "date-on-photo" thingy and now I fully regret that I didn't care UGH!
I'm still sharing the photos anyway but I have no mood to edit it all out (the dates) so hopefully you'll accept it better than I do. 

If you are one of my followers in IG, you would know that I was in Kuching for my B's wedding. 
Apart from being there for her, I took the opportunity to try all the food that I can while I was there! 
..and I brought back some few Kgs as my souvenir. 

Enjoy the compilation of some random photos! 
I'll try to blog properly again very soon, 
I still have another road trip so it's kinda hard to focus on blogging for the time being. 

Special shout out & huge thanks to Nano,
who brought us around while we were there!:D

I still have more photos & things to share,
I'll blog again soon!

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