December 16, 2013

A little too much and a little too early!

Salam & Heyy!

Christmas is just around the corner..
looking at all the pretty gift sets and pretty wrappers made me wanna give gifts and receive them as well!

..then it somehow some sort made me create a birthday wish list for myself. 

January is around the corner as well...

Apart from wishing that the husband's gonna be around on my birthday..
(which is quite impossible)
Here's my (materialistic) birthday wish list for next year!

Birthday wishlist

I really really, want a LOT of yummy chocolates. 
Those Lindt's chocolates AMAGAH. 
I also wish to have a small party, with a theme. our place.
That would be so nice.

..with LOADS of desserts.
It might be a perfect idea for the theme.
Dessert party.
Yes, please.

Okay bye!

Blog again soon!


  1. Replies
    1. My mom in law has it and I tried it and and it was so awesome T.T so now I want one too. hahahaha.:p

  2. Salam...wuu~ very materialistic wishlist dear... Just imagine,how bout some people(in palestin,syria) want to celebrate their birthday...??hmm,kan better mkn doa selamat buat sdrhna & duit lbh infakkan utk mmbntu islam.. :) peace (^^)v

    1. Salam Anonymous:)
      Yes, if you can see it's obviously stated there that this is just a wishlist. I even stated there that this IS my materialistic wish, so..;)