November 21, 2013



Now that I actually have the time, I procrastinate. 
As usual, of course. 

I officially hate this skirt.
*cuz it shows my weird body shape bahaha
I might as well take a nice OOTD with it for the last time. 

Also, do you know that your face gets swollen the next day if you eat something right before bed?
Well. I just found out. 
But why do I feel like I've said this before?
Did I?

I will forever have these kind of photos if the bestie takes my photos. 
It's either cuz she's too funny..
...or I am too embarrassed to pose. 

Blog again soon!


  1. Hello dear Fynna! This is my first time visiting your blog. I really enjoyed your article! Well hey, would you please do a me a favor on how to wear the shawl? You're so beautiful :) Xx

    1. Hello there dear anonymous!:)
      That's very kind of you, thank you very much!:) In sha Allah I will find the time to blog on how do I wear my shawl.:) Thank you so much for visiting my blog, next time do leave your name so I could thank you properly!;)