June 25, 2013

OOTD; Over-sized stripes//


I finally got the chance to go out and catch a movie! 
Went out for a movie date with two of my favorite people evurrr,
Giz & Shakil!
Too bad the best friend had to leave early - but Shakil & I had some coffees & doughnuts right after.

Here's what I wore today;

I love how comfy this shirt is - but it's shoulder is well.. over-sized, so I had to pin both sides of the shoulders to my tudung.
It's still the perfect kind of combination for a movie date + some evening coffee + beach session.

Decided to bring out my birthday clutch out too!
Also cuz I need to start practicing to not bring too many things in my bag :|
..it is definitely not "healthy" for my shoulder to be bringing all those extra unnecessary weight!

Felt like giving having some neutral colors on my eyes as well :]
I actually did an everyday make up tutorial make up video few days ago..
But I am still thinking on whether or not I should upload it. 
I need to get my camera back - so I could start playing with videos a bit more apart from my Keeks. 

Ohhhhh & I got this few days ago too;

It's the thingy that hugs my phone while charging. :']
You tell me how is that not cute bahahaha. 

Btw, I recommend you iPhone users to have "Battery Doctor" app on your phone. 
While charging your phone, run the app and it'll let you know when to stop charging so your battery won't be overcharged. 

We watched Pee Mak & it was awesome!
It's either cuz the movie was actually quite good or cuz I watched it with the right people. 

Can't wait to watch Monsters University, Man of Steel & World War Z!
Looking forward to late night movie dates!

Off I go now, 
I'll blog again soon! 

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