June 20, 2013



For some reason it just felt right to have that title for this. 
No, it does not relate to anything at all muahaha.

Now first; 
I desperately need a vacay.
..or at least just a picnic day- I miss the beach!

I need the best friend to be with me all the time!
..somewhere out of town, some place with swimming pool & awesome beaches. 

I wanna go for a honeymoon with the husband soon, 
pretty please? 

I pretty much just need a getaway.
Just some private bonding time.

Maybe I should start creating a vision board or something.
Just to be clear of what and where do I really wanna be or be doing right now. 

This is what I wore today!

Combined pastels & blacks for the day!
Those pair of heels are actually different from the ones that I would usually wear, 
this pair is shiny :]
It's actually a gift from the husband few years back (while we were dating hehe) which I totally had forgotten about! 
So happy that I found them teeeheee C:

That particular bag is by far my most favorite bag!
I just love drawings like those on bags..shirts..you name it. 
Earlier today I almost bought myself a shirt that has Monroe's face printed on it hehehe. 
I am a sucker over black & white printed "artsy cartoony faces" on anything!
Sheepish Grin

There's also this pair of chunky heels from Vincii that I love so muchhhhh;
it was LOVE at first sight,, that I really so badly wanna get T.T 
Let's just hope I can & I will, mmmkays?:D

Other than that..I am also looking for some sponsors to work with!
Do email me if you are interested to sort of "work" with me!

I am thinking of beauty related products, or clothing so I could be more playful with more outfit choices!
..and in return, I shall promote your brand or product in my blog. 

I'll blog again soon?



  1. Hi Finna!

    Just thought, if you want clothes sponsors, you should contact instashops or blogshops directly. It's much easier that way ;) free clothes = yes yes yes. :D

    1. Hi Stef!:D

      HiihihihihiX) Definitely a good idea!
      I really wanted to try, and I will, soon I hope!:D
      Thank youuuu!